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Silver Dust Plant - Cineraria Maritima Live Plant

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Silver Dust Plant

Silverdust is part of the Senecio genus and is a Dusty Miller variety. Its scientific name is Senecio cineraria 'Silverdust'. This variety typically blooms in the following colours:   Golden yellow. The leaves of this particular variety normally show a Taupe grey colour. Silverdust grows as a Perennial and is an Ornamental. Being a Perennial, it tends to grow best over several years (approx 3 years and greater).

Typically, Silverdust Dusty Miller is normally fairly low maintenance and can thus be quite easy to grow - only a basic level of care is required throughout the year to ensure it thrives. Being aware of the basic growing conditions this plant likes (soil, sun and water) will result in a strong and vibrant plant.

Easy to grow in any well-drained soil in a sunny position. Versatile foliage plant with great drought tolerance and wind tolerance

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