Airpurifying Plants


Airpurifying Plants

Rubber (Tree) Natural Live Indoor Plant with Self-Watering pot

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Product description

Plant Type Air purifying
Colour Black
Sunlight Exposure Partial Sun
Expected Plant Height 19 Inches
  • The broad and shiny green leaves of a Rubber Plant are a head turner. The Rubber Plant looks stunning when used as a centrepiece on your living room table, on a windowsill or on a shelf for home decor. Once your Rubber Plant grows taller, you can place it next to your TV set or in your living room and let its branches transport you to a tropical forest.
  • A cosy brightly lit spot is ideal for the Rubber Plant. As long as the plant is kept away from direct sunlight, it will continue to grow and stay healthy. Shaded balconies, brightly lit windows, and centre tables are all great locations for the Rubber Plant.
  • Rubber Plants can grow in low to bright indirect light. Make sure you keep the Rubber Plant away from direct light.
  • You can propagate a Rubber Plant using two methods: air layering or stem cuttings. When propagating Rubber Plant via cuttings, get a good cutting which is about 6 inches long to ensure successful propagation.
  • Repot your Rubber Plant annually. Use a pot one size bigger than the previous pot.

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