Vastu Plants


Vastu Plants

Green plants and trees add positivity and beauty to your surroundings. However, there are many plants for home as per Vastu Shastra that not only clean the air but also provide wondrous benefits. That’s not it; the trees surrounding your home can also add to the positivity of your household. Some of the best plants in vastu are money plant, snake plant, rubber plant, jasmine and more.

Benefits of Vastu Plants for Home

Keeping plants at home is considered auspicious according to vastu shastra. Let us throw some light at the benefits of vastu plants for home:-

  • According to Vastu, plants help remove negative energies from the environment. It helps in attracting positive energy.
  • Vastu plants help maintain flow and balance of energy.
  • Few vastu plants also help in improving the health of the family members.
  • Vastu plants can also affect the financial condition of the inhabitants.

However, correct placement of vastu plants is also necessary, if plants are not compliant to vastu, it can have a negative effect and attract bad luck.

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